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Cognitive Behavioral

Used with all ages, it is a structured approach to addressing identified behaviors of change in a measurable way to become self aware during the process of change. You will be challenged to identify your conflicts or problem behavior, learn to understand how it feels, give value to it and reframe the experience to produce a different image, thought or feeling of the event. Daily exercises and monitoring helps you stay aware of your goals and current behaviors. 


Use psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral strategies to help resolve inner conflicts and create new behaviors.  The Psychodynamic approach allows one to explore patterns, relationships, themes in their life to uncover areas for internal change.  Once self-awareness is achieved cognitive behavioral strategies are introduced to manage your goals in a measurable, obtainable way.


Practices used to help an individual learn to sit in the moment and accept what thoughts come in, acknowledge and let go making room for new moments. Learn meditations, daily exercises and ways to add new filters to your day.  Children and adults reduce anxiety and increase happiness when more present in the moment. 


Create unique experiences in and out of the traditional setting and reflect on them with the support of a psychotherapist.  Experiences in the moment create opportunities and learning that is unique, real, unexpected and allows new insights in.

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